The picture shows the experimentally measured against statistically modelled thermal conductivity for different materials. The data deviate from the statistical ideal line (black line), whereby the grey area marks a 10 percent deviation in each direction.

Are nanofluids as smart as we think?

ZARM paper in the Proceedings Royal Society A shows that the potential applications of nanofluids need to be tested on a broader and more detailed scale.more

Source: ESERO Germany

Observing the earth with a mini-satellite

The launch campaign of this year's German CanSat Explorer competition can be watched live at a digital event. more

Visualisierung der relativistischen Effekte auf Uhren und deren Vergleich in der Raumzeit der Erde

Bremen Study Prize 2020 goes to ZARM scientist

ZARM scientist Dr. Dennis Philipp receives the Bremen Study Award 2020 for his outstanding disseration on the "Theoretical Aspects of Relativistic Geodesy", which lays the foundation for the rigorous... more

The ingnited structured acrylic glass fuel sample

Brand new findings on fire safety in space

The fire safety experiment on CYGNUS has results that even the combustion researchers could not have predicted: in weightlessness, a flame tends to spread in the opposite direction to the air flow. more